10 Things About the Free Boiler Grant!

1) A Government Scheme funded by ‘the Big 6’

The free boiler grant is a Government scheme backed by the Big 6 energy suppliers, such as British Gas and E.ON. The Big 6 made a commitment to the Government called the ‘Energy Company Obligation’. The Obligation means they must provide funding to get more efficient boilers and insulation into vulnerable and low-income homes.

2) The Free Boiler Grant Scheme will End in March 2022

This phase of the scheme, known as ECO3 will last until March 2022, but it is best to claim your boiler grant as soon as possible whilst there is funding available.

3) Grants for Insulation are Also Available

You could be losing 20% of your heating under the floor, which is why we also install underfloor insulation to keep warmth in your home and reduce your bills. Under the Affordable Warmth Scheme, an insulation grant is available so you can get free underfloor insulation.

4) You Need to Be a Homeowner or Live with the Homeowner to Qualify

Being a homeowner is one of the requirements to qualify for your free boiler grant. However, as long as the homeowner lives in the home you can make a valid claim.

5) Your Boiler Must be 6 or More Years Old

The reason your boiler must be at least 6 years old is so that a new boiler will benefit you enough to justify the grant. A newer boiler will be around 20% more efficient than an old one, reducing your heating bills significantly. Whereas, a newer boiler will already be quite efficient so it would not be worth replacing it.

6) You Might Need to Make a Small Contribution to Your New Boiler

Although some boilers will be covered in full by the free boiler grant, you may need to make a small contribution to your new boiler. However, the contribution will only be a tiny fraction of the cost of installing a new boiler.

7) You Need to be Receiving One of the Qualifying Benefits to be Eligible

There is a long list of potential benefits you could be receiving to qualify for a free boiler, so check out our eligibility page to see if you qualify.

8) Even Without Benefits You Can Qualify for a Free Boiler Grant

Local Authorities can use 25% of Boiler Grants funding to declare some households as eligible for a free boiler grant if they meet certain criteria, such as an EPC Band F or G rated property. Check with your Local Authority if your home is eligible.

9) The Free Boiler Grants Are 100% Non-repayable

 You don’t need to worry about paying back the grant for your new boiler or underfloor insulation as both grants are completely free and don’t need to be repaid.

10) Applying for a Free Boiler Grant is Easier than You Think 

You can contact us on WhatsApp, Phone or through our Online Application Form to get the ball rolling.  We will arrange for a surveyor to visit your home to check you qualify for the boiler grant. Within just 10 days a Gas Safe registered engineer from your local area will be dispatched to install your new boiler. It’s as easy at that.