10 Ways to Save Money on Your Heating Bills

We all pay heating bills, but some of us are paying less than others!

Read through these 10 simple steps, which are in order of importance, to be in the ‘paying less’ group.

1)  Get us to Install a Free Efficient Boiler

Naturally, as a company which installs boilers on the free boiler grant, we have to discuss the benefits of replacing your old boiler. It honestly is the best way to save money on your heating bills, especially when supported by following the other 9 tips.

Do you have an old or faulty boiler?

A new boiler could save you up to £570 a year on your heating bill. The bigger your property and the less efficient your old boiler the more you stand to save.

A more efficient boiler will save you precious pounds on bills, not to mention savings on repairs as new boilers are less likely to breakdown.

Find out if you qualify for a free new boiler through the Government Boiler Grant here.

2) Get us to Install Underfloor Insulation

Insulation is like getting wrapped up in a woolly jumper, hat and gloves before you go outside in Winter, but for your house!

A new boiler is great, but without proper underfloor insulation you could be wasting up to 15% of the heat your boiler is producing to the underneath of your house.

Take back your heating with some cosy underfloor insulation. It’s a fairly simple process and what’s more is we will put underfloor insulation in your home for free included with your free boiler grant.

3) Get Double Glazing Windows

Apart from installing a more efficient boiler, which will save you the most money, all other tips are about keeping that heat in your home.

Windows are great, they let you see the beautiful rain, wind and maybe even snow the British weather provides. However, I’m sure you’d agree that you’d want to keep the cold weather which comes with that separate from your house.

If you have single glazing on your windows consider upgrading to double glazing to keep cold weather out and to keep your heating from escaping out.

4) Put a Jacket on Your Hot Water Tank

Yes, you did read that right.

Now we don’t mean put your stylish denim jacket on your hot water tank, but rather  a specialised hot water tank jacket.

It’s cheap, could save you £150 a year, and looks great (well not really).

5) Keep Your Doors Open

“Surely, you must mean closed” you ask.

Actually, no we don’t. Keeping your doors open allows heat to flow through your home more easily, without those big heavy doors to get past.

6) Put Carpet/Rugs Down

A thick carpet or rug could stop heating being lost through your floorboards. Underfloor insulation (above) is even better for this, but a nice rug could help save you even more money as well as brightening up your décor.

Our advice: don’t choose a white carpet/rug – we don’t want you to use your heating bill savings on stain removers.

7) Put Up Heavy Curtains

Enjoy a bit of DIY?

Me neithe…oh you do, erm me too!

Buy curtains with thermal lining or buy some cheap fabric and sew it onto the curtains you already have. Also, remember this will only make a difference if you close your curtains when it’s cold outside.

8) Draught-proof your home

Trap. Heat. Inside.

Keep. Cold. Outside

Repeat these key words as your blocking and filling gaps around your windows, doors and floors.

9) Use a Thermostat Which You Can Pre-programme

Being able to set when your heater turns on and off is a great tool, especially if you are often out of the house.

New technologies such as Hive even let you control your heating from an app on your phone, but they can be expensive.

10) Keep Your Pipes Warm

Hot water going through cold pipes doesn’t seem like a great combination.

Pipe insulation can keep heat from escaping your hot water pipes, so you don’t have to turn on the hot water so often!