Can I Get a Free Boiler on My Pension?

YES, if you are on Pension Guarantee Credit you could get a boiler grant for a free boiler.

On average a new boiler could cost pensioners £2,300, which is a big ask for pensioners when money might be tight already. But there’s good news, with a non-repayable boiler grant you could get a new boiler for free.

Every home owner who receives Pension Guarantee Credit, or one of the other qualifying benefits, can apply for a Boiler Grant to replace a boiler which is 6 years old for an A-rated boiler.

Now is the perfect time to replace your old boiler for a brand-new, A-rated boiler before the Winter arrives and your heating bills spike.

If your home has never had a central heating system installed before, recipients of Pension Guarantee Credit can apply for a First Time Central Heating Grant to help install central heating.

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