Loft Insulation


  • Significant savings on your energy bills
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Keep the heat in your home
  • Improves your properties EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) and value.

Did you know you could be losing up to 25% heat loss in your home due to inadequate or no insulation? Now can you imagine what new loft insulation could do for your energy bills? Installing insulation to the latest standards could help you save up to £200 pounds!

Installation of Loft Insulation involves covering the flat area between the joists (beams) in your loft (attic) with mineral wool loft roll insulation. This requires an install to meet a minimum standard of 270mm. This can take 1 or 2 layers until this is reached.

Loft Insulation is one of the most common insulation types and is usually the most cost-effective way to reduce your energy bills. Heat rises in your home and if your loft or flat roof is not insulated, you will be losing a quarter of your heat through your roof.

Underfloor Insulation can currently be claimed for under the ECO scheme. First you would need to meet the ECO scheme criteria and fill in our 60 seconds application form.